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BEST Plexus slim Testimonials

BEST Results with Plexus slim.We all have many different experiences with the Plexus products.These product testimonial on this page is an individuals’ experience, reflecting the real life experiences of the individual who used Plexus products. However individual results may vary. We do not claim, nor should a person assume, that any individuals experience recounted are typical or representative of what any other consumer might experience. All Plexus products have a 60 day money back guarantee.


Beverly is loving her Triple combo

Beverly achieved results with Triplex combo

 Beverly is having such great results with the Triplex and X-Factor! Check her out!
Beverly shares ~ “Well I finally did it…I took a new pic. For those of you who know me you know how hard that was for me to do. I placed my first Plexus order on Oct. 26, 2014 and starting taking the products on Nov. 1st.
Today I completed 6 months using Plexus, I weighed this morning and I am down 52 lbs. If you look at the jacket in the first picture it lacks buttoning by at least 6 inches, in the second picture at 3 months using Plexus the jacket buttons, and today at 6 months using Plexus the jacket laps over by at least 6 inches. I am loving the weight loss but more than anything I love that I feel better than I did 20 years ago. I am so thankful that God allowed me to see Felicia Morgan’s post about Plexus that day and that she didn’t give up on me about joining her team when I told her No, not once, not twice, but three times. I have been blessed by Plexus both through weight loss and financially!!!”


Judy is loving her results with Plexus.

I believe this could be one of my new favorite testimonies!!! Look how much younger Judy looks!!!
Take a moment to read about her journey with Plexus and how it has helped her with MS. Amazing!
“Hi, I am Judy Frazier and I wanted to share my Plexus testimony with you…
See this “84” year old woman? This is what Multiple Sclerosis will do to a person. The body attacks itself, causing inflammation and incredible pain. This is the face of pain. This was me on one of the happiest days of my life, up in Canada. We were on vacation, it wasn’t a bad picture (I have plenty others that are just as lovely), it was a horrible day but I kept going because we were celebrating. yea.
That “old” woman hasn’t shown her face since beginning Plexus Slim one year ago today. That’s right, a year of no down days, NOT ONE MIGRAINE, no more muscle spasms and living life to the fullest each day! I am off of all medications excluding Copaxone, the prophylactic shot for the MS. No pain pills, no fatigue pills and no sleeping pills, no muscle relaxers and NO migraine medications. Talk about turning the clock back.
I started with Slim and Accelerator + for the first 3 months, then added X-Factor and then Pro Bio 5 with the Biocleanse. Slowly to minimize the detox after years of meds. That was the approach I took…slow and steady. I now use the P96 after my workouts and the Fast Relief Nerve Support. I am a product of the products!!!”

Plexus has given me my life back.Chastity posted out yesterday.”Here’s my TBT. This was Christmas 2007. Our little girl was 6 months old and sleeping through the night. WooHoo! She was a happy baby. My husband was wonderful. My life was pretty amazing. However something wasn’t right. I was crying in the shower everyday. I was depressed. Fighting anxiety to even leave my house. Not sleepingI know! I know! I know! Most new moms struggle with these things. Well these things didn’t stop for me. I eventually had to start taking Prozac and sleeping aids. I was working out and started NutriSystem to lose the weight. I lost 10 pounds and continued to work out 5 days a week. I started running…alot…and I still couldn’t lose the weight and keep it off. Feb. 2014, 7 years later, I started taking a product called Plexus. I am happy to say NO MORE MEDS. I’M SLEEPING ALL NIGHT. NO MORE SHOWER CRYING. I feel GREAT and LOVE Plexus. I’m also making an income while still being able to do everything I did before I became a Plexus Ambassador

Scott said Plexus is just not for men !Plexus is for men too! Here’s what Scott Rodgers has to say.

Plexus products… Give me sustained energy and stamina, to get the job done, with energy left over . I also sleep better at night, make better food choices, and feel great all day long! I have also dropped 5 pounds of fat and gained more muscle mass. I am much healthier now than I was before Plexus!!

How much medicine are you on ?
73 year old man is now thriving!!!! How can you still be skeptical?

Bibi Schadegg shares…There are 28 million Diabetics in the US. Minus one today… Because my dad is diabetic no more! No mas! 6 months after his stroke secondary to high blood pressure and diabetes my 73 old father stands (because he can stand now) free of the hyperglycemia, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and obesity that once ruled him. He is 5.1 and weighs 142.. He has lost almost 20 lbs.. He has i ncreased energy, he has zero discomfort, he sleeps like a baby, he is finally fungus free (he had a nasty toenail too) He is walking with a cane! He has been given a second chance to thrive not just live! You see, something amazing happens when your body is working exactly the way God intended it to work. Food is no longer the enemy… So I will make my story short… I am Thankful! We are blessed to have been given this second chance with him. His recovery has been hard and amazing all at once.. I will tell you what else changed… his medicine cabinet. The answer was not at the pharmacy after all. So I am on a mission to reach the dads and the moms, the sisters and the brothers, the aunts and uncles, the grandparents, the sons and the daughters that right now are waiting for their stroke…Like my dad was… because if nothing changes then nothing changes… the numbers do not lie “Stroke affects 795K in the US and kills 130K annually.

Plexus is for all ages.Think Plexus is just for younger peeps? THINK AGAIN!!!
Meet Renee!!! So happy for her over her life changing year!!!
“One year ago, I started my Life Changing Plexus Journey. I reached my goal weight 2 months ago and have held at that weight. I have lost 60 lbs, and 32 1/2 inches. In my adult life I have been on just about every “diet” that’s out there. I have lost weight, but I always wound up gaining it back. This time it’s different. I’m not on a diet, I’m on a lifestyle plan, that I will and can stick with. I’ve never felt better or slept better!”
We have ages 20-70s on Plexus products for various reasons, all are not just about weight loss.

Getting off of many prescriptions.FATIGUE. JOINT PAIN. Stop suffering….
I’m SO happy for Ann Marie Carney and the relief she has found.
Ann Marie was diagnosed with mixed connective tissue disease a couple years ago and suffered from fatigue, lack of energy and joint pain (to name a few things). Since starting Plexus she has been able to go off many prescriptions, her pain is nearly gone, her energy level has increased, she’s no longer napping, and she’s lost weight too! She not only looks amazing but now feels the same way!

Sarah is having great sucess. Wow!!! Fellow Ambassador, Sarah Foreman’s progress since October 2014….She looks awesome!

Tina started Plexus to show it would not work I am so happy for you Tina you look amazing girly!
This is her story…
It was this time last year that I took the first step that changed my life forever. I started my Plexus journey. I may have been thin before in my life, but I think it is safe to say that I was never healthy. The older I got, the worse it got. And my eating habits were horrible.
I started plexus for one reason only. To prove to Donna L Dillow Jones that plexus couldn’t help me. I had no idea that with that first pink drink my life was forever changed. I am now the person that I was always meant to be, but didn’t feel well enough to participate in life.
What plexus has taken from me in one year…. 71 lbs, migraines, IBS symptoms, fatigue, joint pain, abdominal pain, acid reflux, seasonal allergies.
What plexus has given me in one year… My life back, a satisfying career making more money than I can make anywhere else, precious time with my family, friends that are family, and a joy in being me that I never had before. It’s been only one year. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Krista a  full time registered nurse.People ask me time & time again, really Dr.’s and Nurses take this? Facts are spreading and Results are Evident. Here’s yet another ~ Michele McMurtie:
“For those of you who don’t know me, I am a full time register nurse, mom of 2 amazing little girls and military wife.
In the last 14weeks I have lost:
11 pounds
9.75 inches total
That may not sound like a lot, but to me it is. I had gained 20 pounds in 7 months. I have not changed my diet at all. Plexus has changed my cravings without a conscious effort:
I am not constantly hungry or snacking
My portions have gradually gotten smaller (at work I was embarrassed about portion sizes, so I would eat smaller portions even though I was still hungry)
I hardly crave sweets
I kicked my diet coke addiction (I would have 3-5 a day just to get through the day).
I can only imagine if I started eating healthy how much weight I would lose. This was also over the holidays too, which the average American gains 7-12 pounds and I did NOT!!!
Prior to Plexus I was feeling sluggish I was depressed and gaining the weight only made me more depressed. I was always tired, but yet I had trouble falling asleep at night. I was actually looking into which psychologist my insurance covered because I wanted help, my antidepressant I was already on was not working. I started noticing how much energy and happy my coworkers had thanks to Plexus. So after 6 1/2 weeks of seeing this and learning about Plexus I finally decided to give it a try. I am so glad I did.
Besides losing the weight,
I am no longer sluggish I have ENERGY. After 14 months in my home I have finally started making it my home by painting the rooms in my house, organizing, rearranging and decorating.
I am more present with my children, I actually want to do things with them, not just what I should do with them. I am the mom I wanted to be.
I am no longer depressed. I am happy again, I am me again!
I no longer have heart burn
I no longer have insomnia, I sleep amazing.
I love the energy it has given me. I wish I would have had this stuff when my husband was deployed. One of the reasons I decided to become an ambassador was because I want to share this feeling with everyone”.
Thanks for sharing this Michele!

Holly  is living proof Plexus works.

Holly T. ” I can’t believe I’m posting this! I’m so embarrassed. At that point in my life I didn’t think I was over weight. I knew I wanted to lose my “baby” weight but Gunner was over a year already. There is about a year and a half between these two pictures. Plexus has helped me get the weight off and KEEP it off and it’s helped me with all my stomach issues ( colitis ), my AS, sleep issues, anxiety, fatigue, sugar cravings, soda addiction, brain fog and energy! I love how I feel! I’ve NEVER felt like this before!”

Rachael R. is in the best shape of her life.Rachael Rogers didn’t think she needed Plexus because she is already in great shape and does bikini competitions. Well….She was wrong!!!!
Here’s wh at she has to say now!!!!!
“Personally, I was a “fit girl” before Plexus and didn’t think I needed it. Pshhh!!!! Yeah…I was WRONG! Best sleep of my LIFE, best all natural non-jittery ENERGY all day EVERY day (no more naps!!! ), clearest skin in 15+ years (after dealing with cystic acne and scarring), regular bowel movements, no more bloating/belly fat, control over cravings like never before and the list could go on and on! Health is the way to go!!!”
-Plexus Slim to help regulate my blood sugars, cholesterol, lipid levels, hormones and to keep my cravings for junk under control.
– ProBio5 because it not only has 2 billion CFU (per capsule) and digestive enzymes but because it also has Chitosanase, an ingredient that attacks and KILLS fungus and bacteria.
– Bio-Cleanse because it keeps me regular and oxygenates my cells creating a high alkaline environment in my body. This is important because diseases like Cancer cannot survive in such an environment.
-XFactor because it is the only multi-vitamin I’ve ever taken that I could actually TELL I take. It has Aloe in it which increases my bodies ability to absorb all the nutrients from everything I eat & drink by up to 300%.”
Wooo hoooo Rachael!!! I love it! So glad you saw the light!!


I have great news to share! I was besides myself at my Dr. appointmen t yesterday. My thyroid meds have been increased every 3 months since last May. Well, this visit was different. My meds are being decreased!!!! The only thing I did different in these past 3 months was going back on Plexus. I am a firm believer that the Plexus products can help give you a healthy body so that it can absorb what it needs to function properly. Its a Win-Win for me these past 3 months…..lost dosage of medicine and lost weight. Losing is so EXCITING !!!! ….and the only thing I am gaining is my hair again !! I told my endocrinologist I was taking Plexus. She told me, “That’s great! I have other patients who are taking it also. Continue what you are doing.” Green light from my doctor. This is one of the best decisions I have ever made!

Deirdre P.

Richard is a 100 pounds lighterA dear friend of mine Richard Chamberlain, posted this and I found it to be like many of us. Know what it is like being over weight? I DID. Know what it is like sitting on the couch and eating yourself to death?I DID. Know what it is like being the bigg est person at family gatherings? I DID. Know what it is like taking medications with horrible side effects? I DID. Know what it is like having your feet, legs and hips kill you when walking? I DID. Know what it is like for your stomach to walk in a room before you do? I DID. Know what it is like hating everyone including yourself? I DID. BUT the rest of the story is ( Thanks to Plexus) ALL of these negatives have been replaced with positives. You see I have been able to take control of my health once again and fulfill a life-long DREAM of leaving people better than I found them. I have never been able to do this, until this opportunity presented it’s self. Plexus truly is a gift from God. Don’t give up on yourself and your dreams my friends. The best truly is to come!!!!

Katherine looks so much younger.From Katherine!!!”Ok so here it is… latest update on my journey of getting healthy… In 17 weeks: I sleep better, I am happier, more motivated, I rarely nap, my crazy blood pressure is under control, my skin is a million times better (less wrinkles), and I am down FOUR-4 sizes!!!! TMI maybe but what the hell my bra size went from a 42 to a 36!!! I actually took clothes from my 16 year old closet! These pictures below are unfiltered and both taken at happy times. I hav e felt the past few weeks that I have stalled but NOPE….. SO my advice to anyone contemplating quitting and giving up cause results are not happening, keep going! No excuse! I have 4 kids all involved in several activities! YOU CAN DO THIS! YOU CAN GET HEALTHY!!!! IF you are debating on making life style changes DO IT NOW! I can not believe I sat around watching my friends get healthy…..NOW start today!!! PROMISE you will not regret it!!!”

Meagan on Plexus one year.What an amazing year for Meghan!
Check out, Meghan! One year today on Plexus. 43 lbs gone and 42.5 inches. She has been taking the “Triplex”, of Plexus Slim, Probio-5, and Biocleanse. Time and consistency. Way to go, Keep up the great work!

Amy  is a mother of two and looking amazing.

Check out this beautiful woman Amy K. right here!! Amy says ~ I am a woman…it’s natural to get frustrated with the numbers on the scale…but let me tell you…this is the first time I have “lost” weight and not “found” it agai n. The first pic was taken October 2013 (the weekend I started Plexus) and the second picture was taken last weekend. I am thrilled with my progress and haven’t felt this great in years!!!! I still have 40 pounds to lose and I will get there soon (probably faster if I ate better…don’t judge I am a busy mom of 2 little kids who like to eat pizza and chick-fil-a…lol).

Adriana is all in with PlexusYes Indeed Folks!!! That WAS Me 37.3lbs & 22 Inches Ago!!!
I Must Say That I’m The Happiest I’ve Ever Been In My Entire Life…
Very Grateful For Taking The Plunge & Sticking To It… In 2 More Days Will Be My 9th Month Pleximony… If You Are Taking Plexus Products,
I Encourage You To NOT QUIT!!! Stick To It..
It May Not Happen Over Night But It’s Going To Happen!!!

Plexus probio5 and Bio cleanse are a must.

Have you ever Goggled a symptom or health problem that you’re having + gut health? Before I got involved with Plexus, I had NO idea how much our gut is responsible for our ailments. Do yourself a favor and check it out- you may be surprised by what you find. I know this duo changed my life.

Leslie has lost half her body.What a transformation!
This is Leslie…the message is STAY CONSISTENT.
For all of you out there that have struggled with your weight, Leslie is the picture of CONSISTENCY and PERSISTENCE. She has lost 67lbs and, in her words, too many inches to count. This is what 16 months of NOT GIVING UP looks like. She will tell you, the scale didn’t move when she wanted it to but luckily she MEASURED…that she hit PLATEAUS (totally normal and to be expected with weight loss)…and that it was not always “easy” but that it has ALL BEEN WORTH IT!

Tiffany is motivated.

This is what Tiffiny says about her journey so far with Plexus! Doesn’t she look fantastic?
I have been on products for a year. I’ve lost 20 pds but 16pds in my first 6weeks:)!. I started out with accelerator slim and now take slim/block/xfactor/probio5 and biocleanse:)

Elizabeth is half her size with Plexus products.NO disgusting shakes. NO boring meal replacements. NO counting points. Simply mix and drink 1 pink drink 30 minutes before lunch. 60 seconds a day is all the commitment you need you lose those extra pounds and inches, like it has for TENS of THOUSANDS of people every day. Elizabeth says ~ 8 months on Plexus and I have never felt better!!I take pink drink in the morning with accelerator, I also took bio cleanse and pro bio and I just recently added block one pill at lunch and dinner. I have never every been able to loose weight no matter how many diets I tried like weight watchers, shakes and it works, nothing did until plexus!! So glad I tried it. I also have not been sick once in these 8 months knock on wood and I’m ALWAYS sick, last year I had strep throat 3 times!! That alone has made me love the Plexus product.

Michelle Bodkin side by sideWhat a difference!!!
Michelle Bodkin shares~
“I came across these pictures when we were on vacation a few years ago. I still have a hard time believing I am 70 pounds lighter now until I see photos. Hard work pays off. It takes time to lose the weight but definitely worth it!”

Vickie is really liking her resultsVickie’s got it going on!!!
Updated my photo today. This is what a consistent 17 months on the products look like. I take Slim, Acc2, Probio5, biocleanse, XFactor and the new block. 90# gone, 30 more to go to my main goal.

Dusty Murdock explains her husband pain and situation.My husband suffers with osteoarthritis and degenerative disk disease. He broke his back a few years ago too. This man lives in CHRONIC PAIN!For the last 7 years he has received pain injections in his lower back. It is scary to have that big needle put into your back so he would stretch it out as long as he could. 9 months was the longest he ever made it. In February 2013 he was onon a walker because the pain in his back was so severe. I mean the kind of pain he has is the crawling-on-the-floor-to-the-bathroom-because you-can’t-walk kind of pain and when he was using that walker it was using-a-urinal kind of pain. Get the picture? That was his last injection. At this time he was taking up to 6 – 800 mg ibuprofen a day! Toxic levels! He has found REAL RELIEF from Plexus Fast Relief Capsules and Nerve Health Support. Fast Relief contain natural anti-inflammatories that provide real relief. The Nerve Health Support addresses neuropathy symptoms like pins and needles, weakness and tingling. This is now the only pain relief he takes.He will always have osteoarthritis and degenerative disk disease BUT he can manage the pain and has his life back. We recently returned from Las Vegas where he roped in the World Series of Team Roping finals.

Barbara Cellum talks about her carpel and Plexus, I had carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand, and waiting to do the left. I would have pain, tingling and numbing in my left hand, and it also felt stiff and swollen, especially in the mornings. I started taking Fast Relief and all the symptoms (swelli ng, pain, tingling, numbing) went away. I ran out of the Fast Relief and all the symptoms came back. I am now back on them again and all is good! It took a few days before I noticed a change, so you have to be consistent on taking it. I take 2 caps in the morning and 2 before bedtime.

Amazing results with Plexus Fast relief combo.Update on Jocelyn Saia,

Hello Everyone.. I want to share my story about the Fast relief capsules and the Fast relief cream. At the age of 33 I was told that I have RA. I thought arthritis at the age of 33 you are crazy. I only have it in my right elbow. And I still can’t straighten my arm completely. Something I will never be able to do. I was in so much pain that I had to give myself an injection monthly. Plus taking pain pills. I don’t like taking pain pills so most of the time I would ju st suffer. My Mom started Plexus in June 2013. She had great success. So I started plexus in July 2013. I stop taking my meds from my doctor because I wanted a true test. I started taking the fast relief in Aug. 2013 and since then I no longer have pain and I haven’t had to get an injection. Not only has plexus helped me lose weight I have also had success with the fast relief products. The cream is awesome! When I have some pain I put it on and in an instant I feel no pain. I recommend the fast relief products and if you know anyone that suffers from arthritis they have to give it a try!!

Kelsey showing her results offFellow Ambassador and “crazy Plexus lady” Kelsey Bobrowski shared her success–she takes the TriPlex and XFactor vitamins, and uses Block occasionally.She says:”Before starting my Plexus journey, I was overweight, addicted to caffeine, always tired, never got a good nights sleep, and needed a change. Like many of you, I was immediately skeptical of Plexus. I have a degree in health and never thought my life would be changed by one pink drink. I did my research, talked to my doctor and started my journey. So glad I took the chance! I’m down 20 pounds and countless inches but most important I FEEL good! I sleep like a baby, I have no food cravings, no need for soda and the energy I have, WOW! Plexus has changed my life physically and financially. I’m proud to be that crazy Plexus lady!”

Ms. Kay is rocking her Plexus.

Do you recognize Mrs. Kay from the show Duck Dynasty? I can proudly say that she has joined the Plexus family!!! I know she will have a happy & healthy 2015 with her Plexus Slim. Plexus has a 60 day money back gaurantee. You have better health to gain & nothing to lose but unwanted weight. Msg me for more details!

941604_533639360027544_531102961_n Jocelyn S. shares her story: Hello Everyone.. I want to share my story about the Fast relief capsules and the Fast relief cream. At the age of 33 I was told that I have RA. I thought arthritis at the age of 33 you are crazy. I only have it in my right elbow. And I still can’t straighten my arm completely. Something I will never be able to do. I was in so much pain that I had to give myself an injection monthly. Plus taking pain pills. I don’t like taking pain pills so most of the time I would ju st suffer. My Mom started Plexus in June 2013. She had great success. So I started plexus in July 2013. I stop taking my meds from my doctor because I wanted a true test.

923196_533639300027550_762674573_nI started taking the fast relief in Aug. 2013 and since then I no longer have pain and I haven’t had to get an injection. Not only has plexus helped me lose weight I have also had success with the fast relief products. The cream is awesome! When I have some pain I put it on and in an instant I feel no pain. I recommend the fast relief products and if you know anyone that suffers from arthritis they have to give it a try!!

fast-reliefShalie G. shared:  I had to share what Fast Relief has done for my dad. I’ve watched my dad suffer for many years, it has been a long and life changing journey for my dad and my family. He has tried many many things, with no success and loss of hope. I can proudly say Fast Relief has done something that nothing else has been able to do. He is finally finding some relief and most of all it has restored hope. How amazing!!!!! I can’t be anymore grateful for what this plexus product has done. I’m eager and excited to see what the results will be in the future.

She is smiling for Plexus products.

Take a look at Michele!! Left is 2/7/14, right is today. 110 pounds gone! No surgery! No secrets! Just Plexus!

Jay has changed his body with Plexus products. Wow check out Jay!

He says…After much discussion, and people encouraging me to post a new picture, I’ve decided to post a new testimony.
When I started plexus in May, I had just re-ruptured a disc in my back. The same disc that I had just had surgery on last October. So any kind of workouts were pointless. The sciatic nerve pain that I was experiencing was too much. About all I could do for any exercise for several months was walking with the dogs a couple miles a day, by the end of July my pain had almost gone completely. To which I was able to at least attempt to go to the gym 45 minutes or so a few times a week. The weight loss was fantastic the inches that I lost was even better, because I’ve never been one to concern myself with the number on a scale. To be able to be pain free, have no need for any allergy medications this past summer. Also not have a headache, or heartburn, and be able to enjoy some of the foods that I have had to leave behind because of heartburn was also very rewarding. Plexus has changed my life, all for the good, and is making a change for my future as well. I actually got into this for the business, but after having the results that I have had, I’m even more excited to share these products, and this wonderful opportunity with everyone that I meet.

Cindy Kraft Makes her Monkey skinnyCindy Kraft Blankenship has to say about her Journey so far.

HAPPY 30 DAY PLEXUS ANNIVERSARY TO ME! First, I want to say that I am a female who has always been comfortable in her own skin. I know what I am and I know what I’m not, and I don’t let the girl with the better body make me feel bad about myself, cause good for her! I knew I was overweight and I decided to do something about it, not because I was unhappy with myself or disgusted with myself, but because I owe it to myself and my family to be the healthiest version of me. I am beyond happy to report that I am 30 days free of; soda, chocolate, DD iced anything, sweets, and junk snacks. The best news about that is, I haven’t deprived myself of it. I haven’t had it, because I don’t want it. For ME, Plexus has rid me of my sweet tooth. Even during the dreaded PMS, which I usually eat whatever isn’t tied down, I had zero cravings. I drink water-water and more water which I’ve always despised. For the first time in my life, I went to a restaurant and ordered water. My daily body aches are completely gone and I am sleeping so much better at night. As far as diet and exercise, I intentionally did not exercise this first month. Month two, I will do what I can (haha). Diet I actually eat more now. My diet used to be; no breakfast, a candy bar around noon, another junk food if I got hungry or a small fatty lunch, regular dinner, and then a junk snack, all while drinking soda and iced coffee all day. Now, I eat breakfast, a late morning snack, lunch, a late afternoon snack and then dinner. All “normal” food. Nothing “fat free-diet-carb friendly.” I am so happy I found Plexus!! Try it for 60 days and see what it can do for you. I can’t wait to see what the next 30 will do for me!!

KIM MUSSOGCheck out Kim Mussog Wilson’s 3-week testimony using Block! These Block testimonies are pretty amazing!!!
Kim says, “In the beginning I changed nothing except adding block. I have recently begun to change my diet because losing the first 6 pounds really motivated me. I don’t just want to lose weight, I want to be healthy so of course a healthy diet and regular exercise need to be a part of that. Healthy should be our goal…. not skinny! After all, HEALTHY is what Plexus is all about!”

holliHolli’s story is nothing short of amazing!!! She is such an inspiration!

Holli says: Before Plexus I weighed 180 lbs, my emotional eating was way overboard, I was taking anxiety meds every day & was horribly dependent on soda. I’m talking like out of control, had to have one- nobody get in my way kind of addiction! I could seriously go through a 24 pack by myself within 2 days. That’s not counting how many fountain cokes I got while I was out & about! I was so disappointed wi th just about everything & how run down my body was. Now that is all behind me & I’m never looking back!! I no longer take anxiety medicine, I am in love with water & I’m down over 30 pounds!!! I went from a size 2x to a SMALL- something I NEVER thought was possible!!! Oh & that means I’m in the single digits in jeans!!! Not to mention that I now have healthy eating habits, have the {{natural}} energy to exercise/weight train 6 days a week & most of all I’m HAPPY!!!!! Plexus gave me my life back & the freedom from so many demons. Now my children have an active Mommy & for that I stand behind these products 100%. Being skinny has lost all meaning to me but instead I’m healthy & strong!! Thank you Plexus for everything I’ve gained on the Pink side, I can’t say it enough!!!!

Maribels is in love with Plexus products.If you or someone you know struggles with PCOS or endometriosis, please take the time to read Maribel’s testimony.It’s a very real struggle when you have PCOS and/or Endometriosis (I have the good fortune of having both). I got so sick of people telling me to just push back from the table or walk more etc. I did all those things. I starved myself, I worked out, I did it a ll and nothing helped. I was given Metformin for the PCOS, but was allergic to it so the doctors told me the only option was to lose weight to get the disease under control, but it would be hard because PCOS pretty much makes it impossible to lose….well duh…I had figured that one out. I had surgeries for Endo and it would come back faster than they told me it would. I had my son in 2005 using Clomid and it never worked for me again so it’s a miracle I have my child.I started using Plexus in August 2013 and it has been the answer to many prayers. Like many I was a skeptic but I thought what could it hurt, they will just give me my money back. I probably would have already had a hysterectomy had it not been for my husband being diagnosed with a form of Leukemia called Aplastic Anemia right after my last Endo surgery in 2012 and us going on a 2 year journey with his illness, a bone marrow transplant and recovery. He was disabled for a while and was on Cobra so I lost my insurance for a while and really just didn’t have time to take care of myself…yes, I gained even more weight. Before I found Plexus (or it found me) I had told my husband that as soon as life was “normal” again and I was covered I was having surgery.This is my very personal testimony about how Plexus has helped me and my female issues…it may be TMI to share in a public forum and I know some people just wouldn’t understand but I know there are about 80% of you women out there that would be happy and cry tears of thankfulness with me so I am just going to go out on a limb and share it because I feel that I need to. PCOS and Endometriosis is a very real struggle for so many women and I have battled both since I was 13….I am 36 now so you do the math on how long I was miserable and you can see for yourself (if you know anything about these diseases then you know the fact that I have a child is a total miracle from God).From the day I started using Plexus Slim (I started with just the Slim and a month later started adding other products) there were signs that it was helping these issues. Woke up with no pain on day 2. My husband said by night two I slept calmly without moaning in pain and moving trying to get comfortable. When I started drinking Plexus I was lucky if I had a cycle every two years (one time per year on my own and things were really looking up) and my doctor would give me Provera every few months to make things do what they were supposed to do and if you’ve never had to take that stuff be thankful. I also had surgeries. Like I said, I was begging for a hysterectomy right before I found Plexus.I had been on Plexus for a month when I had a cycle then 5 months later I had another one and then 3 months later I had another. I was so super excited but my doctor still didn’t think that was good enough…he gave me a years worth of refills on Provera and told me to take them every 60 days and guess what? It is still sitting there unfilled because 2 months later I had another then 48 days later I had another then finally just had a 38 day cycle and we all know normal is 28 or 30 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am almost normal!!!!!I am no longer begging for surgery and am not reminded every time I move or wake up in the morning that I am a woman and Eve messed it up for the rest of us. I have also been able to lose weight for the first time in years (down 4 dress sizes).By my second week into my journey with Plexus my blood pressure went from running 160/90 (sometimes 100 on that bottom number) to running steady at 120/70 and my blood sugars are also no longer borderline. The best part that still blows my mind is having a cycle and not even knowing it’s about to happen because I don’t feel like I’m dying. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I no longer want to spend a week laying in the fetal position rocking and crying. I wanted to share this story with these timelines so people can see that this was not an overnight thing….it didn’t happen in one month or even 3 months. It took me being consistent and faithful for a year. If I had stopped after one month when I got that first cycle I wouldn’t be where I am right now. And oh yeah, I’m fine with my lady parts now and have no intentions of getting them removed because my doctor says it’s fine and there are no signs of anything that are cause for concern.
I’m also sharing more photos so you can see overall how my body has changed…right down to my feet. 11 months into my Plexus journey I lost 2 shoe sizes!!!!!!! Yeah, that’s what happens when you stick with something!!!!!! I truly cannot imagine…nor do I want to…where my life would be right now without Plexus. I was on a downward spiral to very bad health and lots of pain and misery

chuck  Chuck reports …. “See the guy on the left, He was overweight,pre diabetic,low testosterone,high cholesterol and blood pressure. Emotionally bankrupt,depressed,unmotivated,full of fear with no goals. Well, he’s history,gone,done forever!! The guy on the right is healthy, down over 60 lbs,all blood work normal, testosterone up almost 300 points. He works out,eats clean,confident,with a vision of how his health and wealth will be obtained for the rest of his life. He’s a good husband,father and friend who grabs life and lives it. He loves the higher power in his life and gives Him his due every morning. And most of all THANKFUL for how his life has been changed for the better,forever!! Faith in God and the Power of Plexus. Have a blessed day. Peace”

Jodie looks amazingJodie Hoy! She is ROCK-IN’ her pink drink, and her pink drink business! l!

This is what she had to say~
“About 6 months ago I said I’m done, I cannot feel like this anymore and I decided to make a change!! I joined Vent Fitness and I won’t mention any names but a couple very close friends laughed at me!!! They basically said I would not stick with it….Well had my friend Erin not introduced me to Plexus maybe I wouldn’t have but I DID!!!! I did it, I am doing it!! These progress photos are what keep me going, that voice that said I can’t do it keeps me going!! I’m proud of only a few things in my life, being the best mommy I can be and now getting healthy and helping encourage others to get healthy with me!!! Plexus has changed my life health wise and financially and it can change yours too, I am so sure of it!!! My starting weight in pic one is 153lbs!!! I am now 136lbs- 17 pounds and Several inches gone forever!!! There is no better time to join us than now!!!!!”

10689650_862263777125659_5812131624542407192_nPlease read this story: “I was diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis in March of 2008. Prior to this I was very fit, very active, in great shape! LOVED Cardio kickboxing and spinning…went 5 days a week. When MS hit me one of my first major symptoms was heat sensitivity..and thanks to that my ability to exercise went to a screeching halt! I had vision issues and severe fatigue. My cognitive level was greatly diminished. The first year with MS and all the medications they put me on…I went from bad to worse. In July of 2009 I was fortunate to be able to have the CCSVI procedure which for me reversed the majority of MS symptoms (IF you want info on THIS please PM me) And from there I felt I had my life back for a good two years. Last November was the first time I had had a relapse since the procedure…and having quit all MS related medications I was NOT willing to go back on them. And understand during this 5yr period of time I went from a very fit physique to weighing 215 lbs on a 5’3 tall body! Never in my life other than having children had I EVER been overweight. And Since gaining all this weight post MS diagnosis I have done EVERYTHING under the sun…truly. I am an RN and spent a great majority of my life as a dancer…health was important to me…but MS robbed me of that. Needless to say the first thing I decided to do was radically change my diet…I began following the auto-immune protocol for Paleo, Though I did it in phases…so cut out gluten, in Nov, Cut out Diary in Jan, by March I’d lost 13lbs. Was walking daily weather permitting and only lost 12lb!?!?! SO in April I did a 21 Day cleanse with a friend…partly to remove ALL foods from my diet…and understand as well that I have been eating whole, organic food for decades….yes I did eat crap every now and then…but it was NOT a large part of my diet. I rarely drank sodas…I DID drink cappuccino daily! BUT when I started the cleanse I cut out everything and during the cleanse I learned that my body was not tolerating ‘night blooms’ (potato, tomato, eggplant and peppers) either. Within 30mins of eating any of the ‘bad’ foods my right foot goes numb and my left eye gets blurry….Needless to say after 3 weeks of intense supplements, crazy recipes…I was down another 9lbs…I continued with the diet and walking 5 days a week…and from April to June…lost nothing. And while I felt pretty good having handled my MS symptoms this way, I STILL needed to take naps daily….and I still could wear myself out if I did too much and I certainly knew that carrying around all that extra weight was not good for my body!! SO Thanks to the Blessing of my friend Celeste Nevil Gwyn who always wore her Plexus t-shirt to theater rehearsals…I decided to give Plexus a try…for 7 I knew my body was hypersensitive STILL to foods/products/additives..that were not good for me. Day 3 I had NO adverse effects, I had lost 3lbs and my husband said I looked slimmer!! Became an Ambassador that day and have never looked back! I currently have lost 30lbs and 50+ inches since starting Plexus. I sleep amazingly well and wake up energized WITHOUT cappuccino I may add! I NEVER woke up energized since the MS diagnosis even after the CCSVI treatment. I have sustained healthy energy throughout the day. My hereditary high BP has come down and I’m off both my RX BP meds. Last winter for the first time in decades I did NOT need anti-depressants for S.A.D.S…which could be connected to the MS as depression is more prevalent in MS patients. The optic nerve damage in both my eyes has improved! I have no signs of damage in my left eye and the amount of damage in the R eye has decreased Thanks to the Nerve Health Support! My life has changed because of Plexus and I feel so Blessed that I have the ability AND energy to share Plexus with so many people. I hope and Pray that it can help others the way it has helped me. I truly feel for the first time in YEARS like myself again. A dear friend once nicknamed my style as ‘Abigail’ and I haven’t felt that way in a very long time…my husband said not long into my Plexus Journey…you’re becoming ‘Abigail’ again…and it warmed my heart! This is long…but I hope it is meaningful!! I use ALL of the Plexus products. I take the Slim with 1 Boost and 1 X factor vitamins first thing in the morning. Take 2 Fast Pain Relief and Nerve Health Support after breakfast. A 2nd dose of X Factor and Boost after lunch, then take the FPR & NHS with 3 Probio5 and 2 Bio-cleanse at bedtime. I still have weight to lose…but I am confident and HOPEFUL that I will get there. Plexus has given me HOPE back and that is a wonderful thing.”

It’s about Health and Wellness
Ryan’s Plexus Story…
After I had my son in 2011 I began having major health problems. To make a long story a little shorter… I ev eventually found out I had Celiac Disease. Not eating gluten was a HUGE challenge for me. I was put on a ton of vitamins and even then I still had problems absorbing nutrients. I was told to see a hematologist. I would visit monthly and have my blood work checked, and every month (depending on my blood work results) I would receive iron infusions and occasionally blood due to my hemoglobin level being too low. Over the course of three years I received an infusion every visit. My blood work improved a little when gluten was eliminated from my diet but it didn’t improve as much as it needed to. A good friend of mine had been helping others with the Plexus products and she wanted me to try them. I was a HUGE SKEPTIC, but I tried it for 30 days. In the 30 days I noticed a few changes. I was sleeping well at night without the use of sleeping pills. I felt I had enough energy to get through the day. My skin was looking better overall. AND… when I would occasionally CHEAT on my gluten free diet I didn’t get sick! (Shhhh… don’t tell.) On the 30th day of taking the products I happened to have an appointment with my hematologist. I was fully expecting to get an infusion and hear the same story I’d heard for the last 3 years. My doctor walked in and told me he couldn’t believe my lab work! ALL of my vitamin levels were up. Not just up… but GREAT. My hemoglobin level went from a 9 to a 14, and my Ferritin went from a 13 to a 40! I was in shock. The only thing I changed over the last 30 days was PLEXUS. I became a believer! I left the hematologist that day without having to receive an infusion. I have since returned to have my blood work checked and it’s been perfect. I have even received a text from my doctor telling me he can’t believe how great my lab work looks and to keep doing what I’m doing. Plexus is now a part of my daily routine. It’s easy and I love it! If you have any questions for me or you would like to know more about the products let me know!
The pictures show me with my Coke… That I’m no longer addicted to and me hooked up to IV getting infusions. I look healthy on the outside but I wasn’t. This shows Plexus is so much more than a weight loss product!
I personally take the following Plexus products: Slim, XFactor, BioCleanse, ProBio5.

Ashley Holloway tells why she loves her Plexus slim products: I used to stay up until 3am every night. I had to, I had soooooooo much work to do. I still have a lot of catching up to do, but my brain says NO!! At approxima tely 11. It now turns itself off and makes me rest. I also wake up a lot better than I used to. Even on days I could sleep until 10, I’m awake no later than 8:30. Big deal for me. And I’m not the only one that Plexus has helped in that department. My whole family is experiencing amazing results !

David Kempen  is loving his plexusDavid Kempen explains why he love Plexus”I started my journey on October 3. My blood pressure has gone down, I sleep better, there’s less weight on my half-of-a-kneecap, and I have more energy. Within four months I was down 64 pounds. Went from a size 54 pants to 38. I joined as an Ambassador within my first week and have been blessed financially as well.

My Plexus journey began November 5, 2013. I weighed in at a whopping 243.9 pounds. I was wearing a size 22/24 in my skirts and XL/XXL in my shirts. I was so miserable, so unhappy. I always felt so tired and just plain exhausted. My weight was interfering with my marriage. I was ready to try anything to lose weight..Then I was introduced to Plexus Slim. This product is truly amazing. Within the first month I lost 12 pounds. By month 3 I lost 26 pounds. I had so much energy. I started to sleep so good. I felt better about myself. As of today I am down to 199.2 pounds. Amazing first time in 13 years I am below 200 pounds. I have went down to 16/18 in my skirts and to a large in my shirts. I still have much energy. I sleep so good at night. Finally I am not ashamed of myself. Before Plexus I was suffering with anxiety and high blood pressure. My pacemaker was being use 30-60% of the time. As of today I no longer suffer with anxiety or high blood pressure. My pace maker is only being used 10% of the time. I finally get to enjoy life one day at a time. I thank God for sending Plexus Slim to me. I am down 44 pounds thanks to Plexus….Plexus is more then a diet. Plexus works from the inside out. It starts with your health…Thanks to Plexus I am healthier and I actually feel healthier.

Thank you, Cindy Cavanaugh

Nita story,Nita can wear anything now.

I started Plexus in February because I heard it could help with the migraines that I’ve suffered from since I was in high school, which I’ve been out of school for 23 years. I figured it couldn’t hurt any so why not try! I have had one migraine since starting Plexus in February and I used to have weekly migraines . I have hated to have full body pictures taken because of how big I have gotten. I am bigger now than when I was 9 months pregnant. UGH! I’ve dropped 20 lbs and 3 pants sizes!!!

Mary Meyer says,

Hi everyone, I told you I’d keep you updated on my progress….these are pics I took yesterday. I’ve been on Plexus products since March 12, 2014 and although the scale isn’t moving as fast as I’d like, the inches are flying off! Consistency & patience is the key. Don’t give up y’all…if it can work for this plump girl, it can work for you! Oh, and may I add that I suffer from a herniated disc AND Degenerative Disc Disease so I can’t/don’t exercise…so the results you see here are PURE PLEXUS!!!!

I would love results as DustinDustin Doyle writes

100 lbs and 80 inches in 9 months!
Gone from a XXL to L shirt! Gone from a size 44 pants to 36 pants!
Gone from 327.8 lbs to 227.8 lbs! WooHoo!!!!!!!!
Where do I even start? First and foremost I give all the glory and honor to God. Without him my Plexus journey and getting healthy would have never happened. Coming to China was a blessing in disguise. God has blessed me beyond my imagination. It has been one of the best journeys in my life! Words cannot describe the feeling I had when I stepped on the scale and saw 227.8 lbs. I literally almost fell off the scales because I couldn’t believe it! Yes, I cried happy tears! I even celebrated with a glass of lemon water. My goal was to lose 100 lbs by May 25 and I did it 1 month early. How awesome is that? I feel like a new man! Plexus has inspired me to become a Certified Personal Trainer so I can continue to help others get healthy. I have the desire in my heart to help people and encourage them.
I have proved to the naysayers that Plexus works people! You just have to stay focused! How much is your health worth to you? To me my health means the world to me! I will only live once here on this great Earth so I want to make it count as long as I am given the opportunity to serve The Lord here. The key to Plexus is to be consistent everyday and drink half your weight in ounces of water everyday.
People ask me what my regimen is all the time! I take the Fab 5: Slim, Accelerator, Probio5, Bio-cleanse and X Factor. Everyone is different do what you feel works for you. Don’t make Plexus a diet because it’s not it’s a lifestyle change. Plexus will help you make healthier choices. If you add exercise you’ll see even greater results: Trust Me!
I even gained 10 lbs when I started the new accelerator and plateaued out for 7.5 weeks. I didn’t give up, I didn’t complain! I just kept right on taking my Plexus products! I believe in them and will never stop taking them! They re a gift from God.
Thank you to everyone who has supported me and encouraged me along the way! It is much appreciated! You have no idea it has kept me going! Being away from home for almost 2 years I’ve needed all the new Plexus family to help keep me going. I pray that you can be successful as well with Plexus. Love you all! Blessings from China!
My next goal is weigh 199 for the first time in many many years and have abs by December 31. I can do this, I can do this!
Determination + Motivation + Perseverance = Success!

Vicki says~
I’m celebrating 11 months today 5/11/14 on Plexus! I started 6/11/13. Down 63 lbs/39 inches! 17 lbs from my goal! Also, I no longer suffer from pre-diabetes, high cholesterol and borderline high blood pressure! All are now normal! I no longer suffer from IBS, Acid Re-flux or joint pain! My hair stopped falling out and is now thick again! My skin & nails are healthy! And I have more energy than ever! At 54, I feel 30 again! I started with Plexus Slim/Accelerator. About 4 months in, I added PB5 and Bio-cleanse. Around 6 months I added X-Factor. I use the Body Cream every single day on my face. And I use Fast Relief pain capsules as needed and Fast Relief Nerve Support as needed for a sciatic nerve flareup (which is hardly every anymore). I LOVE PLEXUS!! Thank You Lord for sending Plexus to me!!!

Sarah ThompsonHi everyone! My name is Sarah I am a Plexus ambassador and this is “my baby” Will. Will is almost 4 and has been battling asthma for about 2 years. We were doing nebulizer treatments at least a couple times a week to daily, up to 3 or 4 times when the weather would flip flop from cold to warm and back! He would just get hit out of no where with an attack. This limited him from being that rambunctious wild and crazy toddler to being stuck on the couch doing a breathing treatment! It was so hard at 2 to have him know when he needed a breathing treatment! He was afraid to go out and play in the snow because within minutes he was coughing and having a hard time breathing! To watch my oldest child be so carefree and watch Will be limited to everything he wanted to do with his brother was heartbreaking! Through the end of January to mid -late Feb we saw our Dr for these issues at least 12 times! That’s $25 copay every visit! At this point I was lost because I couldn’t fix it! I thought alright God give me the answer for this because I’m scared and I’m exhausted! On my way home from our LAST Drs appt I thought, Sarah what is wrong with you, what are you doing?!? Start this poor boy on the ProBio5! So that night I did just that! Within one week we were down to NO TREATMENTS! We took him to a specialist for asthma 3 weeks ago and she said he was still “squeaky” so she have us an inhaler… Which I have used 5 times through the weather changes the last month. 5 times in a month! That is like putting a band-aid on a paper cut for us! He is soooo much happier and brags that he doesn’t have to do breathing treatments anymore! He NEVER forgets his “Pobiotic” before bed! We open it and mix it with a spoonful of yogurt or applesauce and he takes it like a champ! No issues with the taste or anything! I feel so blessed and grateful that God opened my eyes and made me see what was right in front of my face the entire time! Will is a much happier boy and I am a much happier Momma! Thank you Plexus for EVERYTHING you are doing for my family! We all take the ProBio5 now and I can’t wait to see what his Dr says when we go back in 3 months for a follow-up!

Sarah Thompson – Sons asthma

I am loving Plexus.
Heather A Reid says,

I take the slim, bio cleanse & new product for ambassadors only at this time (Pre launch). I’ve been anxious to add either X factor or ProBio but I’m not working right now so I haven’t been able to afford it. But until Monday of this week I WAS taking accelerator+ & this was now I took it: I’m not sensitive to caffeine much at all, so I was able to take 1 accelerator plus on an empty stomach shortly after waking up along with my slim. Then 2 bio cleanse immediately after. Basically slim, 1 accel & 2 bio cleanse were all at the same time, within an hour of waking up. Rarely, I’d take a second accel in the afternoon. Then 2 bio cleanse again at about dinner time, and that was about it:) but Katie if you’re an ambassador I HIGHLY recommend getting on the new pre-launch product immediately! It is a god send, no joke!! If you’re a customer, Join Plexus now for $34.95 to get your pre launch before it is available to the public, if not I hope you’ll try it when it is released to the public in approx 60 days.

Heather A Reid/ amazing results

“Been on Plexus for 12 days…”Getting there! 13lbs lighter and 22 inches smaller :-) slowly but surely I will get there!” Health issues include…Fibromaylgia, hypothyroidism and severe carpal tunnel which by the way hasn’t bothered me yet! And I had yeast overgrowth so bad crap was coming out my ears! And now my spit test is clean!! This is her advice to you all “! I think if enough people spread the word our country can control obesity and a ton of health problems!”

Health issues include

I looooooveeeee Plexus! Been on the whole system. Slim/accelerator, probio5 & bio-cleanse since March 21st and I lost 13 pounds and 10 inches. Could be more haven’t weight or measure since the 25th of April. No only have I had success with weight loss, my allergies are significantly better.”

Been on the whole system.

An update on me. I’ve been taking Plexus for almost two months now and I couldn’t be happier with my results thus far! It’s hard for me to tell some days because I see myself everyday! But when I look back just 3 months ago… I can’t help but smile about what’s in front of me today! Tickled Pink with Plexus…. INDEED!

Tickled Pink with Plexus

In a weeks time on Plexus Slim I have lost 6lbs and 4 2/8 inches!! I am loving my Plexus Slim :-)))

Fast results

I’ve been on Plexus since November 4th and have lost 26 pounds and gone down three pants/shirt sizes. It’s unbelievable how well it helps with my fibromyalgia too. I’ve cut my blood pressure meds in half, and have become an ambassador to share in the joy of Plexus Slim.

Amazing results

I have to share My throat is so sore it hurts to swallow and my nose is stopped up I put fast relief cream on my nose and neck and I can now swallow with much less pain this product is a God Send, Also my daughter has a terrible cough and congestion I rub it on her chest and throat and it calms her cough. So thankful for Plexus Products

Fast relief products are a relief

I went to my doctor today ! She thought the nurse made a mistake on my weight and blood p. So I have lost 35#in 8 weeks so far and my b/p is 164 over 60 she ask me what I was doing I said PLEXUS Slim she said good work we might be able to get you off of some of the medicines. Well one more time THANK YOU Mark for making me a believer and if any of you people want to lose weight without changing your life or food. It’s great its not look pregnant and see my feet and my bra fits without undoing the bottom hook I am able to wear it all day and forget its on

Beverly Gaudet
Doctor amazed

so…90 days ago I began a journey with this little pink drink…I weighed 362 pounds knew that something was going to have to change ;/ this morning I am 321 pounds…That is 41 pounds gone forever! The support I’ve received along the way is amazing 😉 THANK YOU PLEXUS!

One pound,one inch at a time

Starting weight February 9, 2012 was 340. Weight today January 9, 2013 238. 102 pounds down in 11 months on Plexus Slim! ?

Progress and loving

My husband, Chuck Eastman started Plexus the week of Thanksgiving 2012. He was wearing a size 42 jeans and now he’s wearing a size 36!!! He’s only lost around 15 lbs but the inches are coming off!!! He’s loving his Pink Drink!!!
Inches coming off

I began mid May of 2012. I have lost 71 lbs and went from a size 18 to a size 9 in my pants. It has helped me in many ways. My migraines are controlled, depression, improved my self-esteem, helped my acid reflex and over all health and outlook on life!!! Does Plexus work? Yes it does!!! It worked for me when nothing else did!!

Off my medications

Hi, my name is Sheila Miller and it has taken me awhile to write my story here but finally here it is! I started Plexus on May 28,2012. I was then on 28 pills and 7 day time release pain patches., I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Migraines, RA, Digenative Disc Disease, RLS, Spazmatic Colon, Spazmatic Blader, High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure. I was in constant pain and would have trouble getting out of bed each day. My husband worked off shore seven and seven so we had someone move in with us to help, and my son also moved back in a trailer in our yard. It was so bad I no longer did any shopping or cleaning. I also had to have help to dress and eventually started using a scooter to get around which was embarrassing for me so I became a shut in and very seldom would get out. But having no control over my colon and bladder would not help either and I refused to wear diapers at my age but the doctors kept telling me they would eventually get the meds right. So one day my s
Sheila Smith Miller

I went ahead and tried them and I am very blessed that I did. I have gone from a size 22 (211 pounds) to a size 14 (174 pounds). I have lost a total of 32 inches. My ego has boosted?I love to hear my kids come up to me and give me a big hug and say, ?Mom, I can reach all the way around you now!? It?s a great feeling. Plexus has changed my life!?

Brandi S.

I have my own story of a life long fungus…. I am a bit embarrassed but,feeling led to share to maybe help someone else out there !!! I was born with an ear infection and mother and father were going through a divorce, neither one would pay for doctors(so to speak), so my ear pretty much got infected(rotting from within) From the age of 2 till I was 15 I had over 16 surgeries. I had the whole back bone of my ear cut out and reconstructed. My ear never self cleaned like all of your ears do. I had to go to the ear doctor to get my ear purged every three weeks my whole life. No one knows this but literally throughout my child/ adult life had green ooze leaking out my ear with the most God awful smell. Doctors would give me antibiotics and ear drops every month for the past 42 years, no wonder why I had such terrible candida !!!! I started Plexus back in Sept and took Plexus till Dec 15,had to quit due to surgery and radiation, Due to cancer. I restarted taking all the products March 1st

Living with fungus,not knowing

My family and friends have had so many wonderful testimonies since starting Plexus Slim. They have shared their joy with us about how its helped their health problems such as weight loss,gout, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, bi polar, , fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, ibs, cholesterol, many many health issue, So, I now have 2 new testimonies, and they are very near and dear to my heart. I would like to share, My youngest son has been on medication for ADD, asthma, and then he would have to take medicine to be able to sleep. well, after 2 weeks of not taking his medication, and having a Plexus Slim drink every morning, he no longer needs any of his meds. hes able to fall asleep, and stay awake and focused during school, and feels wonderful. And the tightening in his chest from his asthma is gone. You have no idea how happy this made me, to know that I can give him a healthy all natural drink , and take him off those meds. I am just so excited, and so is he.

Holly DeRouin
So many wonderful things about PLEXUS…

Plexus Slim Leslie My 10 year old daughter was diagnosed with migraines and abdominal migraines at young age. Her stomach issues would come and go so quickly, I would not believe she was actually feeling bad. She ended up in the emergency room because of a sever migraine. It was gut wrenching watching her go through this. My husband and I have migraines also. That night in the emergency room I found out she had abdominal migraines and A Typical migraines. She was put on a steroid that made her little belly swell. I took her off the meds not to long ago. She started Plexus when I did and shes loosing the swelling in her belly, is not nauseous all the time, can use the bathroom easily and has not had a migraine!

Plexus Slim Leslie
Child with migraines

I have been on Plexus for 16 months now. I have lost 84lbs. and feel better than I can remember feeling in a VERY long time. Don’t know the inches, but i know its ALOT. I never took my original measurements, because I had tried so many things …that didn’t work, I assumed it was just another. After being overweight all of my life, and in a desperate search of finding something that would help , my neice introduced me to Plexus. I just thought it was another diet… BOY was I wrong…. I had lost 14lbs. in my first 2 weeks, and knew I had found the one thing that may work for me. After my husband decided to try it as well, I signed up as an Ambassador “just to buy it cheaper “, as most of us do. I was on a budget and hoping to make enough profit to cover the cost of my Plexus. After losing my first 3 months, must I tell you everyone started coming with the questions.. “What in the world are you doing?” Well, just to keep things short and sweet… Plexus slim………

Toni Garcia
Best thing I ever did for my family and me

Here is my story! I had started dieting about January 2011 i began my journey of dieting and exercising. I was 190 lbs. I was watching my calories and doing zumba 2-3 xs a week. I dropped 15 lbs in 6 months then was at a standstill. I started getting discouraged. Then in June 2011 my nanny introduced me to Plexus Slim. I was amazed how much energy i had and how great i felt. I have had back pain for years due to a curve in my spine. I would go to chiropractor a couple times a year for adjustments with only temporary relief. Now I rarely have any back pain and have not been to chiropractor since starting Plexus Slim. In January 2012 I was down 30 lbs in just 7 months. I was weighing 145 (smaller than i was when i graduated high school). I found out i was pregnant in January 2012 and with doctors approval could continue taking Slim, probio5 and biocleanse. Today I am just 7 weeks after having my baby girl and already down 20 lbs out of the 32lbs i had gain during pregnancy. In August 2.

Megan Bonin
No more diets for me ……

I guess it’s time for me to share my story. Last August I was 191lbs ( my heaviest) and at 5 ft tall it was very difficult to get around. My girls started cheerleading so I decided to start walking. Well 1 lap around the park (a quarter of a mile) I was hurting. My legs back and much more, but I stuck to it. In December my friend introduced me to plexus. I took it for a month and it was ok. My friend called and told me what I was doing wrong and how to make it better. By June I was 40 lbs down and feeling great. I can’t tell you the feeling I get now going shopping for clothes. It’s awesome. Plexus has changed my life. I have not had a herniated disk in my back in months, I have energy, my anxiety is non existent. I ran my first 5k just a few weekends ago. I am now a plexus ambassador and fixing to go on the plexus cruise. I have never left Louisiana. I am so excited and so grateful for these products and this company.

Kristen Gautreaux Himel

I can’t believe it! I got my kit last Thursday and started right away with Plexis Slim last Friday. I started the Accelerator on Monday. As of today, one week, I have lost 10 pounds. My energy level is up and I have some relief of pain in my joints. I realize that a lot of this was excess fluid but this is the first time in awhile that I feel positive about weight loss. I have also cut my caffeine in take in half. I hope to be completely off Diet Coke in 2 weeks. Yeah! Thanks, Kim!

Susan Bigner
10 pounds in one week !!!!!!!!

Back in 98 I got my GED and as a gift from a dear friend I got a shirt with this on it “It’s never to late to graduate” I only got to wear it once because I washed it and it shrunk!! It was a large and I have never been able to wear it again…I found that shirlt about 5 months ago and tried it on a gain and it still wouldnt fit…couldnt get it over the girls…LOL!! Well this morning I was getting dressed and thought hmmm why not give it another shot soooooo…I put it on and let out a scream that sent my husband in the room to check on me and all I could say is IT FITS!!! After 14 years I finally get to wear a shirt that I was so proud of getting (one of my great accomplishments) and it looks GREAT on me (if I do say so myself) hehehehehe!! So totally loving my Plexus Slim!! The feeling I got when I put that shirt on was AMAZING like my PINK DRINK!! :)

Shirley Dickerson
Fit in my shirt I got from graduation :)

Prior to discovering Plexus Slim I had tried every weight loss product that I could find. I tried one that helped me lose 110 lbs, but during the process I developed an eating disorder. Once I went off their program I gained 90 lbs back in a short period of time. I was battling with severe depression, my doctor classified me as morbidly obese, I had high blood pressure and was a boarder-line diabetic. I was slowly killing myself with food and lack of exercise. One day while on facebook I was searching for different weight loss groups and products and I found a lady advertising Plexus Slim, she told me that it was the easiest product she had ever tried. I bought a 3 day sample from her. I immediately felt a difference! I loved the energy that it gave me. Currently I have lost 92 lbs and 45″, I am off all of my medication and my blood pressure is the same as it was in high school.

Heather Hill
Tried everything,no luck.Till Plexus..

I started my Plexus Slim on Sept 18th…added the Accelerator a few days later and I have lost 16.4 lbs and 17.2 inches overall (I measured 8 areas)… these Plexus products and how simple it is to manage. I have always been a sweet tea drinker (always had a glass with me wherever I went) and always had a sweet tooth…. I DO NOT crave the sweets anymore and the only time I have had sweet tea is when I have gone out to eat, but never complete one glass. I have never been on a diet before where I did not want the sweets. I have been on many and even had gastric bypass in 2006 but medications help put weight back on and brought back bad habits. I just wish I had found the Plexus before having the surgery. I feel wonderful….I have lots more energy and I am not sleeping my weekends away like before. I can’t wait to have my lipid profile done at the end of November to see how they have changed. My husband is taking also and he has lost about 15 lbs before having surgery

Sybil Nease
Blessing using Plexus

Just wanted to up date those of you that are waiting to hear about a person who has Multiple Schlerosis who is now taking Plexus. My daugther who has MS was dign. in 8-1999. She has suffered with lots of relaspes over the years. The worst this past year,8-17-2011. I am her caregiver, with her 24/7 always. The weakness, not being able to get around without help, and most days spending as much as 3 to 4 hours in bed because you are so tired you can not set up. Well I would like you to know that at my home we are doing the Plexus happy dance. I started her on Plexus on 10-7-2012, each day I would say how do you feel, she would say I not sure and she would look at me and smile, by Friday she said mom I feel stronger, and each day I kept watching and noticing that she wasn’t going to bed as much. Was of Friday she feels better, she is not having to lay down and rest no 3 or 4 hours, the last 2 days she has not even had to lay down and rest, she stayed up all day and I

Marsha VanMeter Smith
Multiple Schlerosis taking Plexus

THE GREEN SUEDE BELT. A very special person handmade a gorgeous green suede belt for me in the UK, with a mahogany and 14 Kt gold buckle. I loved it, be alas, haven?t been able to wear it for over fifteen years due to a few too many inches around my waist. After a month on Plexus Slim, I not only can wear it aroundf my waist, but my very special green suede belt can be worn around my hips in the style that is now so popular. Those lost four inches around my waist and the same around my upper hips have brought a treasure back into my life ? ? British Columbia

Donya G

I have lost 8pounds in 8 weeks and was gaining 1pound a week prior to that and now have much more energy and have lost many amazing inches. 10″ from waist, 4″ from back, 3″ from hips, 3 ? from each thigh and 1″ from each arm. Plexus Slim is wonderful at curbing appetite and not ever being hungry. Thank you ? AR

Connie L.

Wow, Plexus slim is great. I have struggled with my weight over the years and have been on every diet you can think of. I have been taking Plexus slim for four weeks now, when i started i weighed 355 and now i weigh 328. I am very satisfied with Plexus Slim! It is so easy and there is no counting points or weighing food. I just drink it 30 minutes before lunch. I feel better and have more energy. I am also sleeping better than before. ? ., Leakesville, MS.

Jeffery W

Started to use Plexus Slim in February 2010 weighing 163 pounds, my second week I lost 3 pounds I have lost a total of 10 pounds and 3 inches of my waist line to this date. Plexus Slim worked for me because I have tried a lot of weight loss products in the past and not one has worked like Plexus Slim. The greatest with Plexus Slim is the fact that there are no stimulants and caffeine. I have since eliminated soft drinks from my diet and I no longer snack on sweet stuff such as candy, chocolate, cookies just to name a few. I would highly recommend Plexus Slim to anyone who is willing to give their body a second chance in life. ? Trinidad.

Gail A.

I have had high glucose levels and one of the first things I noticed with Plexus Slim was that my craving for sweets were drastically reduced. This made it easy when making meals and shopping to stay away from junk foods. I have lost 15 lbs and probably 2 pant sizes, I?m eating healthier and feeling good. Plexus Slim tastes great and I don?t hesitate to recommend it to a friend. ? Tempe, AZ.

Theresa B.

I have used Plexus Slim for 4 days and can tell a difference already. Before I was taking sleep aides to help me sleep, but now I am sleeping very well without them. That alone would be enough to buy it. But it has also helped to eliminate ALL craving and reduced my food intake substantially. ? ., Gulfport, MS

Mary S

Glucose was 92, now 95, normal is 70-110 Total Cholesterol was 298, now 232, normal is 120-199, still high but much better! Triglycerides were 171, now 80, normal is 50-150, I am thrilled! HDL Cholesterol was 43, now 46, normal is 40-75 LDL Cholesterol was 221, now 170, normal is 63-129, still high, but much improved! Liver Panel: AST (SGOT) was 101, now 34, normal is 0-40, AWESOME! ALT (SGPT) was 226, now 48, normal 0-40, getting really close to normal! All in all, I feel there has been a huge improvement, and where my doctor thought I may have had fatty liver disease, now there is no evidence of it! I am well pleased and feel very confident in giving this testimony for PLEXUS SLIM! ? ., LA

Debbie M

January 27th, 2010 ? I Started Plexus Slim December 15, 2009 and have lost 12 LBS, ½ Inch on each of my thighs, and a full inch off of my hips. The first two weeks I didn?t lose weight but was noticing my clothes were getting loose. I?m still on Plexus and have been very happy with the results I?ve gotten so far. ? . Gulfport, MS

Charleen L

I began taking Plexus Slim since the beginning of March 2010 with a weight of 260 pounds to date I am 220.3 pounds. This product has been great for me due to the fact that I?m a diabetic and my sugar levels are now lower than before. Plexus Slim has also reduced my cravings for soft drinks and sweet snacks which to me is a battle already won. ? Trinidad

Kala Akii-Bua.

I weighed 309.9, 9-1-09 weighed 298 down almost 12 pounds. My waist started at 56¼? now 54 3/4″, blood sugar was 324 now it?s 108 area most of time with a few readings in 150′s. I started with one plexus slim a day but like two a day much better. We are very happy with the progress. Thank you and God bless you and your company Update: In 8 weeks I am down 17 3/4 pounds 3/4″ from neck 3″ from waist. blood sugar normal most of time. I have started taking a little less of the two types of insulin shots I was taking daily three times a day and blood sugar is still doing great. I am 78 and use a walker and an electric wheelchair. So this is without exercise. I had a closed head injury a few years ago and had to learn to walk and talk again and this product Plexus Slim is beginning to give me some freedom once again. ? Springdale, AR

Bill L.

From trying plexus the first day I signed up to be an ambassador later that night. I was that impressed with how the appetite manager almost completely curbed my hunger, and virtually eliminated my snacking urges; that I always have later in the evenings. Thirty days later i weighed 302 pounds ? Shelia Medina said it best ?Don?t change your life, let plexus change it for you.? SHE WAS RIGHT !!!! Today is Thanksgiving day and this morning i weighed again 302 but i have only been taking about 2-3 plexus a week to see what it would take to maintain. As of Black Friday I will be making another big push to get down to my target weight of 250 pounds by march of 2010. I love this product !!! One bottle of water with a plexus packet once a day ? how easy is that ?? & it?s all natural ? I AM THERE !!! Also I have now been over two days without a cigarette. I love this stuff.

George R

I am so locked into Plexus Slim. I do not have to worry about bad out comes like tachycardia (rapid heart beat) or anxiety or the numerous other side effects produced by these products. I am not here to slam any of those products but as a Registered Nurse I have the responsibility to utilize the safest mode of weight loss I can find in my recommendations. I feel totally confident in Plexus Slim and urge you to try it, after all there is a 60 day money back guarantee and you can?t beat that. If you have an obese child the time is now not when they reach adulthood and these bad habits are cemented in thier brains and or they develope diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Over the past 30 days I have lost 17 lbs. and my blood sugar has decreased by 30 pts making it neccessary to reduce my insulin intake. Results vary I am 6?5″ and weighed 313 when I started out

David, B

I started to use Plexus Slim September 2009 weighing at 274 and started to see results within the first week. I?ve now lost 58 pounds and noticed I?m even sleeping like a baby; I was always waking up 3 to 5 times a night. And for the first time I?m finally dreaming again. I?m also a diabetic and before Plexus Slim I was taking about 20 Units of insulin before all my meals, but depending on how high my sugar levels were would determine how much more insulin I needed on top of the 20 I was already taking. As well as another 70 units of ?long acting? insulin before all my meals. One day I had a doctor?s appointment and he read all my blood sugar levels, then asked me ?What are you doing different? Your sugar levels are low?. Now I only have to take half the dosage, which is a huge relief. Overall, I am much happier and healthier now that I?m taking Plexus Slim. Gulfport Ms.

Ronnie, C.

After 3 months I have lost a total of 44 lbs. I have gotten rid of 4 inches in the waist, from a pants size 42inch to a 38inch waist. I lost 4 inches in the hips, 5 inches in the thigh and 4 inches in the chest. I have been involved in weight loss since 1980 and have never been exposed to a product like Plexus Slim. This is the most energy and excitement I have had in years. It is so easy and enjoyable and the taste is superb. Thank you Plexus Slim. ? Riverview FL

Ken W.

I only take the Plexus pink drink, I do not want to loose weight, I do for the health benifits, since I started taking product three months ago, I have been able to stop my Reflux meds, Cholesterol meds and Blood Pressure meds, my energy level is amazing and I have lost 8 pounds, that I did not need to loose. Plexus has taken all of my sweet cravings away…..

Davy F.

I have been on Plexus Slim for three months and have lost 33 pounds. I also take the Bio and Probio5 for the extra health benifits and love all of Plexus products…

Kim F.

Being on Plexus Slim has changed my life! I have been on Plexus Slim since July 2009 and within the first 10 days I lost 3.5 pounds. After being on the product for 120 days I had already reached my goal of losing 20 pounds. Overall I have lost 21 pounds and 8 inches and I?m keeping it off. Even during the holidays I was able to eat EVERYTHING and anything I wanted and I didn?t gain an ounce, never even exercise once;

Sheila Medina

Tim Shramek began taking Plexus Slim on a daily basis in May of 2010 and hasn?t stopped since. He has lost 75 pounds and is now at a comfortable weight, which he maintains with Plexus Slim. ?The people that are gonna be consistent are the people that are gonna be successful?

Tim Shramek

When I was introduced to Plexus, I wanted to lose weight and I had diabetes. Fast forward 6 months, and I?ve lost 51 lbs. and 5 pant sizes, I?m no longer on diabetes medicine, and I never had to start taking the blood pressure or cholesterol medicine that my doctors were planning on giving me. I lost 40 lbs. using Plexus Slim alone and then over 10 more since I began using Plexus Bio-Cleanse.

Peggy R.

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